Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering at ISB&M PUNE

A Constituent of People Empowerment Group Pune

Formal Experiment Report Format

All the Experiments (those related with circuit diagrams & analysis) should be written in specific format. Click here to download

SSDC  Manual (SE E & TC)

Click here to download complete manual
 Click here to download sample output waveforms

IC & A Practical Manual

Expt No. 01_To plot DC transfer characteristic of differential amplifier.  [Download]

Expt No. 02_To study effect of offset voltage on output of preamplifier using general purpose Op Amp.

                   [Download]     [Sample output]     [.ms11]

 Expt No. 03_To design and test Op Amp integrator for given frequencies

                  [Download]     [Semilog Paper]     [Sample output]     [.ms11]

 Expt No 04_To design, build and test Schmitt trigger and plot transfer characteristic

                  [Download]      [Sample output]     [.ms11]

Expt No 05_RTD  based  bridge  circuit  and  interface  with  instrumentation amplifier.


Expt No 06_To design, build and test V-I converter for given specifications. Grounded and floating load.

                   [ Download ]         [.ms11]

Expt no_07_Precision HWR & FWR      [Download]

Expt No 08_Design, build and test Op Amp based Wein Bridge oscillator for given frequency.

                   [Download]      [Sample output]     [.ms11]



Communication Theory 


EXPERIMENT NO 1_EXPT Class C Tuned Amplifier   [Download]

EXPT no 02 AM Modulation and Demodulation  [Download]

Expt No 03 AM Transmitter  [Download]

EXPT 4 DSB-SC Generation and Detection [Download]

EXPT 5 SSB Generation using Phase Shift Method and Detection [Download]

EXPT 6 Frequency Modulation and Demodulation  [Download]

EXPT 7 Superheterodyne Receiver [Download]

EXPT 8 Sampling and Reconstruction  [Download]





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